What We Do

We cover all areas of family law:

Pre/Post Nuptial Agreements

Pre-nuptial/post-nuptial agreements are growing in popularity as the way of the world changes and the gap in inequality closes. There may be only one way of trying to secure family wealth and assets (received by inheritance) in the event of divorce. Although not yet legally binding, having a pre-nup agreement is a relevant circumstance of the case and may weigh heavily and impact a Judge’s decision when deciding a Financial Order. The agreement must be fair and practical and must suit you.

Divorce/Financial Matters/Co-habitation Disputes

The breakdown of a marriage or partnership can be a difficult time when long lasting decisions need to be made at a time of emotional turmoil. We aim to provide a sympathetic and professional approach in order to help the future be more certain and clear. This can involve issues around the future of your home and other assets. Providing an amicable solution through negotiation can be cost effective as well as the best solution to preserving an amenable relationship which we always try to encourage. When necessary, a succinct decision to proceed to Court is necessary in order to reach the most beneficial and timetabled resolution. We represent both routes with expertise and experience and with the outcome you want in mind.

We deal with divorce matters including preparing the necessary divorce papers and seeing you through the divorce process so that you have peace of mind and dealing with all matters arising from the separation. Children matters and how the care of the children will remain the most important priority will be at the forefront of your mind. We advise on Child Arrangement Orders and what you can expect to happen. Finances will need to be divided and securing future financial security will be on your mind. It is helpful to discuss finances through early on so that any fear of what might not even happen can be allayed. Knowing your ‘rights’ or expectations may allow you to focus and mediate and negotiate with confidence.

Financial Proceedings

Financial proceedings separating joint assets, decisions about who will continue to live in the family home or whether the home will be sold as well as pension provision. The Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 governs what factors will be taken into account in financial proceedings taking into account the length of the marriage, the standard of living and assets and income available.

If there is agreement between you about what should happen to the finances and you wish a ‘clean break order’ so that no future claims can be made by either of you, a clean break settlement can set out the agreement reached and this will be legally binding.

Forced Marriage Protection Order (FMPO)

Forced Marriage Protection Order (FMPO) applications must be dealt with extra care and expertise and experience. Orders can provide protection against domestic violence, removing you out of the country, returning your passport. Legal aid is available and same day FMPO injunctions can be applied for. Anyone concerned can make an application for FMPO (permission from the Court will be required) which can be made against anyone involved in the forced marriage.

Domestic abuse non-molestation injunctions

Domestic abuse non-molestation injunctions – same day appointments available and injunctions obtained with legal aid available. Cases will be dealt with quickly, sensitively and with expertise. We work with local domestic abuse agencies such as women’s centres and refuges.

Prohibited Steps Orders

If there is a real risk that a child will be removed abroad or from its parents care, emergency advice may be necessary to take the correct steps.

Specific Issue Orders

Any matters about which there might be a dispute can require a legal advisor’s intervention. This can include matters such as taking a child abroad, changing his/her surname, DNA testing.


This is a specialised area that requires experienced legal advice and representation when there is suspicion or actual evidence to suggest that a child has been removed abroad. We have extensive experience in abduction matters and work with Reunite. We have dealt with a vast number of cases involving removal out of the jurisdiction. As such we help you make clear decisions and take immediate action as necessary and confidently.

We have considerable experience in abduction and removal from jurisdiction matters including Hague Convention applications and High Court Wardship proceedings.

Child Arrangements

Child Arrangement Orders (CAO) determine where a child should live and how much time they should spend with each parent or grandparent. CAOs were previously known as residence and custody and contact and access. We can advise on options available and help to resolve any contested issues in relation to living arrangements and contact matters.

Special Guardianship Orders

You may need advice as a grandparent or aunt or uncle or as a guardian of a child and you have been assessed by social services or want to formalise your guardianship.

Child Protection Matters

If social services is involved with your children or children you may require legal advice. You may be entitled to free legal aid. Care proceedings or other proceedings including an Emergency Protection Order, Police Protection Order, Supervision Order or social services commencing child protection proceedings requires specialist experienced advice and assistance which we offer by an experienced Children Law Panel member solicitor.

Care Proceedings

We have a team of lawyers available to represent you in care proceedings where the Local Authority is seeking a care Order. It is important that you are represented in such proceedings and free legal aid is available for such court proceedings.


We advise and represent in all adoption matters

We have a team of family lawyers who specialise in these matters. They are qualified and experienced and can offer advice based on your particular case and needs. We offer legal aid for injunctions, care proceedings and abduction and wherever else available. This is subject to eligibility.

We offer fixed fee arrangements if suitable. Please call 0203 500 2290 for a quote.

Urgent appointments can be provided for urgent work needed for example domestic abuse injunctions on the same day. We work with the NCDV (https://www.ncdv.org.uk/) in providing such service to the local community, individuals and other domestic abuse agencies